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Thread: Figure 8 Lake / Susitna Flats Moose

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    Question Figure 8 Lake / Susitna Flats Moose

    My apologies in advance for a lack of stories and previous posts before posing a question. I'm a new user and I'll do better. But for now.......

    Through some circumstance, my two local partners and I are moose hunting an area in a few days that we are pretty unfamiliar with; the flats between the Sus and Little Sus. Our friend who has hunted the area won't make it and is out of reach. So, we'll fly in, set up camp on one of the many hussocks (those treed islands) in the area, call evenings and mornings, and spot for the available spikes and 50+. Of course, from the air, the grass looks short and the ground relativley dry. Something makes me think that won't be the case?

    If anyone has hunted the area and can tell me a few tricks to the trade, it would be most appreciated. Are those "islands" in fact dry? Can we see over the surroundings and are they at all habitable for packing hikers after this week (and nexts) rains? With the salmon run in the Sus drainage no doing well this year, I hear some desperate bear stories.....

    Thanks much

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    It's thicker than it looks from the air down there and it's really juicy ALL over that entire area. Camp spots are at a premium and there will probably be somebody/airplane already in them. Yah, its close, but if you have access to a plane, then I'd venture elsewhere. Good luck...

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    Default That Area

    I Have Actually Hunted That Area. I Took A Boat In On The Little Su And Hunted The Power Line. Got A Bull The First Day. The Grass Is About 5 Feet High. And It Will Be A Hard Pack. I Called In The Morning And Seemed To Work Out. Had To Fight The Tide With My Boat Which Was Terrible. Plus There Are Alot Of Grizz In That Area. Good Luck Any More ?'s Pm Me I Know The Area Well



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