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Thread: Becoming a guide.

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    Default Becoming a guide.

    I know making a living out of guiding is difficult. But I am curious about what the first step is to becoming a registered Alaskan hunting guide.
    Thanks for any info

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    If I'm not mistaken, the first step is usually to work as a packer for a registered guide for a year or two. After that (though I'm not sure if that step is technically required) you have to work as an assistant guide under a registered guide for two years. Once you have done that you must pass an exam for each unit you want to guide in.

    There are a number of registered guides on this forum. Is this correct, fellas?

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    Default Becoming an assistant guide

    I don't know all the rules, but as I recall to become an assistant guide you need to have hunted in Alaska the two consecutive years previous to applying, and have a recommendation from a registered or master guide.

    After that, I defer to the guides and the regulations posted on the Department of Commerce, Community, & Economic Development website. Navigate there from, if you like.

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    Default Here

    is some more info for ya. Good luck on your quest.

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for the info. Do you think these rules apply to small game(mainly waterfowl) guiding or am I talking about another set of regulations.
    Your info has been very helpful!!

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    Default guiding for ducks and small game

    currently there are no requirements, but if you are taking folks out in a boat you will need a coast guard license, OUPV at least.
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