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    What is the average shot you make.My average has to be around 45 yards.Of course I have been hunting for years.That is bow and Rifle combined.Closer is better.

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    That totally depends on the species being pursued and the habitat. For caribou, my average shot has been 150 yards or so. For moose, something around 75 yards. Sheep is the big surprise for me - my first one was taken at about 400 yards, but my other three sheep were taken at 40 yards or less (two of them at less than 20 yards).

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    Caribou has been in the 275-300 yd range but thats because up here its wide open, moose 100 and 75 over the past 2 years for about 85 yards.

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    I figured somewhere around a 76yd average for 27yrs of hunting with gun and bow. Mainly western states and AK.

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    One of the reason I went into bow hunting is that I was finding I would stalk within 50 yards with my .338 when hunting moose and caribou. This year with a bow I closed in to less than 30 yards on three different caribou
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    A couple of years ago I wrote down as much as I could remember, this included family and friends with me and shots others told me about. This is about a 42 year accumulation. The shots averaged out at under 150 yards. A few months back I posted a similar question and about 15 of our fellow outdoor friends said most of it was under 150 yards. I have to admit some envy when it comes to those guys that can reliably hit the kill zone out to 600 yards. I am not one of them. I hope to spend more time at the range when I retire. It will give me an excuse to buy some new stuff.


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