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Thread: Kugurok float

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    Default Kugurok float

    anybody have any good intel or experience on the Kug up north of Kotz?? We are planning to do a noatak float but may need to divert to the Kug for animal movements....

    any advise or experience shared would be great... thanks


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    did it last year. it's shallow as hell in the upper streches and braids allot with very narrow channels in spots . you have to have really good low water reading skills. no real rapids maybe 1 easy class II. the challenge is being able to read the low water. go light. nothing bigger than 14ft. it picks up steam fast in the lower stretches with plenty of water(last 20 miles or so before running into the noatak)

    my bro did a video of our trip. it might help to give you an idea of the water up higher.

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    Nice video Indy, thanks for sharing!

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    Default nice video

    Who ever put the video together did a great job. What program did you use? Look like everone had a fantastic time.

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    glad you liked the vid my bro did. he uses adobe premiere. if it gives you sticker shock then buy the elements version and save yourself $600. it's what i use and it does what i need, as well. both are very good and stable programs.


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