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    Considering to offer the guy 1250-1300 for this boat... It would be my first boat and I would be adding a 40-50 hp Four stroke to it later on if it works out... Would be used on the kenai and pws

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    Or do you find this to be a better deal

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    I think you're asking too much for the Klamath. No motor or trailer and an obviously old and well-used skiff, I wouldn't give more than 1K and only after a thorough inspection of the transom. If you have to add a motor and trailer you're gonna dump several thousand more into it real quick. Personally, I would skip right over this boat just from the look of the pictures.

    The inflatable actually looks like a decent deal for a boat, motor, and trailer package. Depending on what you're going to do with it, the inflatable may or may not be up to the task though. They will run OK on the Kenai, but very limited on use in PWS. It doesn't take much to damage an inflatable, so you'll need to be good at patching holes.

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    Let me know if you go with the Klamath I have a almost new Honda 50, that would be ideal for a boat that size.

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    Older Klamaths have a reputation for getting lots of cracks in the alunimum. Very hard to repair outside of massive sheet metal replacement.


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