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    What books/videos would you reccomend to a new hunter for bear hunting? I am planning on learning how to hunt bears in PWS with the aid of a 16' boat... I would like the main focus of the video to be on butchering the animal etc.

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    Check out the link to the ODD store.

    Scroll down and you'll see Skinning and Field Care of Bears by Chris Batin and Larry Bartlett's Wilderness Taxidermy (Videos). There is another spiral-bound field care of big game book at Titlewave Bookstore in Anchorage too.

    Each winter (February) the ADF&G puts on hunting clinics too. In 2006 guide Joe Want actually took apart a grizz DURING THE CLASS! Pretty amazing. (Clinics cost $20.) I believe they put on the clinics in Anch/Fairbanks, other areas too?

    Tony Russ' book Bear Hunting Alaska (see the ODD store too) has a diagram as well as Chris Batin's Hunting Alaska book I believe.



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