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    Seems that all conversations lately that I've entered into has inevidibly gone to where the moose are right now. Banter has gone back and forth about too many bears, not cold enough, too much pressure... etc, etc.

    What I have found in common in all these threads is that the bears are down and the moose are up. I got mine in a secret locale and got lucky on the low side but from what I've heard from most other successes is that the moose are still high and just starting the rut.

    I read a book last season about moose behavior and a biologist had the rut patterns down to a three day window of when they begin to scrape, when they start to come down and when the cows go into estrus. All this data was for the FBX area but I'm sure there's a little leeway on the 3 day window to adjust for here in South Central. That being said... my thoery is that the moose are staying up and letting the bears do their business with the fish around rivers and streams and have done this for years. It only makes sense that with their sensitive hearing that they stay away from thrashing water and the low grunts of a bear.

    So when do they come down?

    My guess is that when most of the bears have had enough fish and start to migrate back to the alpine regions for last minute berries, ground squirrels and such. So when's that? ... you got me.

    like I said, this is all just a thoery.
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    Cool Seeing Fewer...

    I have seen fewer moose this hunting season for sure. For whatever the reason, I have not encountered as many as in prior years. I did pass on a fork yesterday morning that had a beginning of a third point on his fork side. We have been hunting locally here in the Mat-Valley (Wasilla and Houston) trying to fill my 11 year-old sons anterless moose tag for DM406. Last friday I rode the ATV up to Baldy to scout and saw no moose but spotted a very nice Griz about 1/2 mile away. Was going to take my boy up there to hunt this weekend but the rain and wind stopped that! So we stayed down low and braved the rain on the easy trails (which is where we saw the forkie) We have not encountered a single cow as of yet. It almost does'nt seem possible. Were gonna keep on hitting it until we score!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Judd View Post
    ......We have not encountered a single cow as of yet. It almost does'nt seem possible. Were gonna keep on hitting it until we score!
    ADFG sends notice to the cows who got the antlerless permits, so they know who to look out for.


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