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Thread: printable labels for glass jars?

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    Default printable labels for glass jars?

    HI folks,

    Can you recommend a printable label (inkjet printer) that sticks well to glass jars? I'm tired of hand-writing the labels for jellies, etc., on those small little oval stickers that come with the jelly jars. I'd love to just insert a sheet of labels in my printer, type up a template, and print out a lot of them... I could use these for my canned salmon, etc., as well...

    They don't have to be "cutsie" labels with printed designs -- just plain white ones will do if they're cheaper and readily available...

    I found some "weatherproof" labels by AVERY at Office Max today. These labels are supposed to stick on anything (metal, glass, etc.), but they're for a laser printer. I tried a sheet of them on my inkjet and they smudge something fierce, even after extensive drying time... I'm not confident they'll work.

    What do you use for printing your ID labels for your canning jars -- something that sticks well and won't self-float off?!!!!

    Thanks for any advice!
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    I don't know much about canning but couldn't you stick the sticker on the lid, and then it would stick better?

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