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Thread: Kotzebue Caribou report 9-9-07

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    Update Sept. 9th 07

    The caribou have begun to slide into the upper Elli River, which is in the Noatak Flats. The Flats are where many hunters do drop hunts because it is a quick 40-minute flight out of Kotzebue. This area produces good hunting as lots of animals usually work their way through this area but there is a lot of pressure as many camps pop up in the Flats. Be sure that your transporter is not dropping you on top of other established camps. This is tough because so many hunters will end up there but it will be a much better hunting experience for everyone.

    The weather has turned wet, windy and cooler. This is the norm as many of you have been up here during our “Monsoon” season. This is good for keeping meat cool but choosing a campsite can be real tricky. Don’t place your camps to close to the rivers as they tend to rise quickly and a poorly placed camp will get wet fast.

    If you need any other info prior to coming up just drop me an e-mail at

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    Keep them coming Walt....

    Any further word on the upper Noatak area, above Sapun crk??

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    You bet!

    The area above the No-Fly zone is still full of animals and should be for some time. The reports are that there are more hunters hunting on the upper end this year, and this is good. This will take some of the pressure off of the Flat and the Squirrel. Lots of griz in the upper drainages so you guys hunting the brown beast have your tags ready!

    All of the transporters are bring lots of nice racks and good quality meat into kotz. I counted 4 good-sized piles of racks at 2 of the transporters this morning and almost all of the hunters were coming out of the upper Noatak, Nimmi, Kugg Howard Pass ect. These animals represent the early push of the migration and we will see the animals in the lower reaches in about a week I would guess. I am heading out week 3. This a week later than I have in the past but I am banking on a later migration but who really knows??

    Good luck you guys and help me out with some first hand reports, I am stuck in Kotz!
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    Default Kotz.

    I am headed to Kotz. Wed. and into the field hopefully Thurs. Any newer
    (not that this is old) news on southern movement? I would REALLY like to see the migration. I will be in the field for 10 days and I see it has been quite warm, tho cooling. Last year the migration was later ....due to continued warm weather. While I saw plenty of animals and have no complaints it would be great to see hundreds to thousands, awesome actually.
    Thanks for the info you are giving.


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