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Thread: Question about quality gear

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    Default Question about quality gear

    Hello all,
    I am new on this board and am planning a moose hunt for 2008. I am not certain if i will be pack or float hunting so I wonder if perhaps you all may be able to offer suggestions on what you consider quality equipment for ak.
    As I may be pack hunting weight may be an issue but I believe in rugged quality over all else. I looked at the AO tents but man thats pretty steep. What would you guys suggest as a comfortable medium? Im commited to a barneys external frame pack and a wiggy's bag so now im on to the tent issue.
    after that it'll be hip boots n such. thanks for taking the time to answer my post, be safe.

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    I'm a little confused. Are you thinking a walk in? They are doable but remeber how many trips you'll have to make getting the meat out. The shoices of pack and sleeping bag are good. There are others more knowledgeable about specific tents but I would think a 3 season would be minimum. It'll rain on you, that's the only given so good luck.

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    Default Complicated question


    This is a very complex subject. We're talking about packs, rifles, tents, boats, rowing setups, dry bags, rain gear, pants, boots, waders, water filters, etc, etc, etc. It will take a long time to unpack all of this.

    My recommendation would be to poke around in the archives on this one and see what you come up with. There's a ton of information in there that has already been discussed and you will focus your search much better that way.

    I would also look at what the commercial guides are using. We have spent literally thousands of dollars on gear over the years and have mostly figured out what works. Some of us continue to experiment with new gear as it comes out, and can offer our perspective from an industrial user standpoint.

    Beware of instant experts who may only have one or two Alaska hunts to their credit. Nothing wrong with just getting started, and I'm not saying that a guy with 25 years hunting elk in Idaho doesn't have anything to offer in this discussion. But Alaska is indeed different. The gear is different.

    I'm leaving for a brown bear hunt on Monday, but drop me a PM and we can get together on the phone. This is a big topic and I'd be happy to assist if I can. You have plenty of time between now and fall of '08, so no rush.

    Hope it helps!

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