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Thread: Alaskan or Kingfisher

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    Default Alaskan or Kingfisher

    Looking at a Hewes 26' Alaskan with 225 Honda and a Harbercraft 2525 Kingfisher with 250 Yamaha. Looking for information on actual gph, speed, handling etc. This will be our first boat so any information will be usefull.

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    Default I chose the Hewescraft . . .

    I based my decision on the package put together by Dewey's and the boat features as configured by the dealer. I first specced out the 28' Kingfisher, but when the price tag got to $135K, I backed off . . . I also didn't want to deal with the dealer that reps the Kingfisher up here . .

    The 24/25/27 Kingfishers all seemed to have a low freeboard on the fishing decks, and a very low ceiling height on the cab (I'm 6'4"). The 28' Kingfisher had the 6'3" height, as does the Hewescraft.

    With the cuddy cabin, the Kingfisher is much better suited for overnight stays (although you can get the pilot house version of the Alaskan called the Pacific Cruiser), the Alaskan fit my use better (dash out to the fishing grounds, catch a lot of fish, dash back to the port for the night). You can sleep overnight on the Alaskan, but the Kingfisher will be a lot more comfy sleeping.

    Fuel flow and speed are functions of available power, sea state, propping, boat trim, and cruising speed chosen by the skipper. I've got the twin 115's, and at cruise of 28 mph I see around 11.0 -11.4 gph, depending on the water.

    I love the boat so far, the only criticism I've come up with so far is no friggin' drink holders!

    If money weren't a consideration, I would have gone with the larger Kingfisher (28'). Because money was a consideration, I went with the Alaskan and saved $50,000. The price delta will be much smaller for the 24 or 25 Kingfisher, but the boat is smaller too . . .

    My $.02 . . .

    Good luck with your choice, you can't go wrong with either boat.



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    As an owner of a newer 2825 Kingfisher purchased locally, I suggest you also consider the business reputation of both Dealers located in the state and the service / support after the sale. Best regards and enjoy


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