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Thread: Reason why i want a sidearm, not shotgun

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    Default Reason why i want a sidearm, not shotgun

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    Also want to add that I am very impressed by that guide... did a fine job of protecting his passangers without leaving the cubs without a mama

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    That was a bluff charge! <grin>

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    Default Thanks For The Link!

    The vid does leave some questions tho, the poster mentions that the guides gun, whatever it was, jammed!? Someone else in the comments said .45-70, lots of what ifs and details missing but it was a fun surf.
    The guide in the vid apparently has recorded a polar bear hunt somewhere near Alaska, the promo mentions 150 miles from the mainland of AK and dogs being used.
    Anyone seen the video they're selling?

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    I'm probably overstepping my expertise boundaries but that didn't sound like a 45-70. I watched the vid a couple of times and it seems more like a .44. The only reason I say this is because my friend just got a 45-70 and my other buddy has a .44 pistol which we just shot last week. They definately sound different. I'm not sure what the caliber in the vid is but it really doesn't have the "punch your ears" effect that the 45-70 has... especially with the walls of alders on each side of the river: that would have been an ear-ringer.
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    Remember that gunshots sound really, really different on tape than they do in person. Then sounds heard on your computer after going onto and coming off the web sound different than the original tape. Judging gun sounds from the speaker on your computer is kind of like judging a politician by his words.

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    Saw this episode. Was a 44 mag pistol. Later the hunter shot a nice brown bear with his bow. Good show. Better than the typical whitetail shot under the corn feeder.

    Remember to bring an extra pair of underwear on your hunting trip. I think everybody on the raft needed them.

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    That makes the hair on my arms stand up sitting here in the living room!!

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    Awesome video!! I don't think anyone could skin a 45-70 that fast, and in real time that was FAST! They said he shot in the water at 8 feet if it was me I might have hit the water but I would have been shooting for the head!! I have my own three "cubs" to think about. Glad it turned out good for the people and the bear.

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    Yes that show aired last year on Easton Bow Hunting. Yes it was a pistol as Fred and the guide were paddling when they spotted the bears. Great camera shot and what a blast. If I remember right Fred lost his paddle in the heat of the moment.

    I don't think Fred filled his pants though. He has already taken a brown bear with the stick bow up on Norton Sound south of Shaktoolik, on shore with the guide still behind him. He drilled it with one shot from about 15 yards as it ate a seal.

    Must have been a rush though!

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