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    First, I want to thank everyone on the forum for their tips, advice and suggestions over the last few months. Also, a special thanks goes out to Lindsey from AMH for volunteering to meet a stranger in a bind and sell me a new MSR bottle! You're the best and saved our hunt!

    Below are some pictures of the bulls we took on the trip - three with a rifle, one for me with a bow. Saw lots of caribou on the drop camp with Deltana (thanks Ralph & company!!!) and only hunted for two days, taking two animals each day. Was an incredible time - can't wait for the meat to get here via air cargo! What we ate at camp was awesome!

    Anyway, thanks again for everyone that helped or offered to. Enjoy the pictures!

    Greg's first bull

    My first bull (with a rifle)

    My second bull (with a bow)

    Greg's second bull

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    Great bulls! Congrates
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    Hey bud, been thinking about you guys!! Super happy for the both of you. Those are some great looking bulls. No doubt this is a very successful hunt but I was wondering how your overall planning went for you? Missouri is a long ways from the north slope of Alaska. Anything about the whole trip not go like you had hoped? After planning several hunts for family and myself, I can't imagine how tough that would be from 4000 miles away. You really realize how much help a site like this can actually be. So, are you planning next year yet??

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    Hey Eric:

    It is hard to coordinate a hunt from a couple thousand miles away in Nebraska. Everything was pretty smooth with a couple of exceptions. First, we got done 3 days early (normally a good problem to have). This didn't allow us to get our hides fleshed, ears and lips turned, and salted before we came back. Our original plan was to have the hides and antlers taken with Ralph and his group to Alpha Furs in Anchorage but they left right after we came out and the hides were in no condition to travel with them since they weren't dry yet.

    Instead, we took the racks, hides and meat with us back to Prudhoe Bay. Ended up using Alaska Air's antler express service (holy crap was that expensive!!!!) as that was the only way they would let us ship them. Sent the meat and hides air cargo (couldn't take them as checked bags because we ended up flying out of Prudhoe on Thursday and they needed to stay in a freezer for a day to get frozen solid before the transport.

    The other pain was rearranging our flights and getting home early. We thought about staying in Prudhoe Bay or Anchorage but there really wasn't anything to do in Prudhoe and we figured anything we did in Anchorage would put us further over budget for the trip. In the end it was probably good to get home Friday afternoon instead of Sunday morning just to get some time to relax and rest.

    Other than that, the trip was incredible. Not sure if I'm planning next year for caribou yet but definitely in the next year or two for black bear. Just have to figure out when and where to go.


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