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Thread: getting to minto flats

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    Default getting to minto flats

    i will be back in fairbanks for awhile and was wandering how long of a bot ride would it be to get to minto flats for some pike fishing by boat also where to put in would be nice as i have never put in around that area

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    Default Minto Access

    You can put in at the ramp in Minto village. Great fishing is right there or go to Tolavana river (in the flats) (about 30-45 minute run @ 25 MPH from boat ramp).
    It is about a 4-5 hour run from Nenana to the Tolavana into the flats.
    Enjoy. I love that place.

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    I have plans for fishing/hunting on Minto Flats launching my boat in Minto village. I was there
    a couple of times and had no problems with locals, but I heard rumors that from time to
    time visitors have problems with local guys. Is it true? How safe is to park there for an
    extended period of time? to launch a boat there?
    Is Wooldridge a good boat for this area?
    Thanks -



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