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Thread: hunting on the chena with prop motor

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    Default hunting on the chena with prop motor

    anyone have good luck hunting going on the chena and hunting the islands by boat i have a prop motor and with a rock guard was wandering if possible to use it there if so how far up the river would i need to go to get into some decent hunting just trying to get away from everyone and there brother

    also hunting for anything from rabbits to bear baiting

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    Sorry to say you will find ample company on the Chena this time of year. Chums are out and about so with luck you might find bear above 20 mile.

    Concerning getting away from it all that is just about impossible from 50 Mile CHSR down to the flood control project all other hunting on the river below that for the most part is bow only (Most part).

    There are still a ton of road hunters up and down the road from 44 mile through rose hip int he areas you are allowed to shoot.

    The river has fallen to normal levels which makes for nice rafting however prop jobs tend to shear pins this time of year once you make your way far enough up river.

    Grouse numbers and bunnies numbers are up so that might be a viable option if you decide to boat your way up from Transmitter rd if access is available to you are the Flood Control launch if you don't.

    (Keep your eye out for tight corners and other boats in the two rechanneled areas of the river (You can't miss them and must take your boat up them)

    Hope this helps! Good Luck.

    Blue Moose

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    Default can u give me some pointers

    when u say 20 mile and 50 mile what exactley are u talking about i also have a high end prop guard for my motor they are sold by cables and go several inches down from the prop and guard it from bottoming out or hitting anything seemed to work fine in the shallows of the rivers i have been in fl and ga going 15 to 20 mph and then hitting a sandbar only moves the motor back and no damage to prop just wandering if i should find a new motor but i dont feel like spending 1000 to 2000 bucks on a new motor i have a 2006 merc 25 and it seems to move my 14 foot john boat with ease can do 25 with 2 people and some gear just dont wanna get back and screw up my motor

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    Default need some help

    my wife was wanting to get a moose, but don't want to shoot it herself. if she has a license and a permit and she is with me can i legally shoot her moose for her, if i have already filled my tag? but still have my license?

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    nope, and do you really need to kill 2 for the family???


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