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Thread: Montague Island deer Hunting

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    Default Montague Island deer Hunting

    Anyone know of a cheap water taxi or Air taxi to get me and a buddy out to Montague for deer hunting? I could use all the help i can get.

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    Not to sound inconsiderate, but, what's your definition of cheap? Most taxi services (air or water) aren't cheap up here. What kind of reliable and reputable service are ya willing to pay for? Alot of times you get what you pay for and that can be scary...
    I know that this past spring there were tons of questions/answers regarding PWS for bear hunts out there on the islands. I'd be willing to bet that these "taxis" do deer hunts as well. I'm sure with a little research in this forum, you'll find what your looking for. Along with some good/bad experiences regarding certain "outfits" that were used. Good luck...

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    Try Lazy Otter Charters at . Don't think he is cheap, but he is as competitive as the next guy and he has a real top notch operation.


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