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Thread: Thoughts of Autumn

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    Default Thoughts of Autumn

    It's Saturday morning, the fog has lifted revealing sunlit tundra. Miles of reds and golds, and I'm stuck in my box at work for a couple more days.

    At the risk of sounding sappy.....

    I love the fall. Not just because of hunting, the whole season. Sights, sounds, the taste, and the smell of's a magic time for me. The world stands in sharp relief, aglow in the brassy light of a waning sun. Summer's frenzy of life begetting life, not yet quelled by the sterility of winter, has been replaced by the orderly processes of harvest and store. A busy time, the work of it is not work so much as celebration and sharing.

    Wood, left to season, is split and stacked. Berries are picked with family and friends, and along with the last of our gardens, canned and put up for days when the taste of them will recall the warmth and ease of July days. Smokehouses fill homesteads and subdivisions alike with their wafting promises of deliciousness to come.

    Now is the time the waters run clear and last of the salmon have gone to feed their offspring and thick, eager trout. On those sunny days, crisp with frost, the sky burns a deep hypnotic blue and the forests, crowned in green and gold invite us to venture afield. Caribou ghost out of the hills and along their ancient traces. Moose, swaying massive antlers, grunt challenges from the willows. In the distance, the mountains, sugared with the first snows, ring with the crack of horns smashed against horns.

    Closer to home, grouse in the alder thickets draw us through birch woods laced with the tang of cranberries. Dawn finds many of us along the margins of ponds and muskegs, steadying wet and eager dogs, waiting for the mist to lift, and the ducks.

    On the banks of distant rivers we gather. Campfires and camraderie. Fathers, brothers and friends regale the camp with stories salted with truth and peppered with just a few lies. Woodsmoke and bisquits and secret chili recipies. The food is always good, the whiskey light and smooth. Traditions, rituals and passing the torch to nephews and sons.

    Clean the gutters and winterize summer toys and mow the lawn one last time....Even the mundane tasks of modern life seem a bit easier during these last bright days.

    It is fall in Alaska. It is a dream that comes true once every year.
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    Default Awesome

    That is exactly what I was telling the wife earlier today. Idaho is not as spectacular as Alaska but some of the berry bushes are turning gold. We still have a few more weeks but hunting is around the corner.

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    Default Fall

    Yup, pretty sappy.....but way true nevertheless and very well captures the "feeling of fall". Good job - I like it.

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    That is a great piece. It's like a painting but in words.

    il vaut mieux être bon que la chance

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    Smile Fall


    **** man you’re a poet! I have read your posts over the past and enjoyed them all but this is the best because of how true it is. I had my 8th grade science class out on the tundra doing a pond water ecology Field Trip last week and many of the same thought cane into my head. Fall smells better than any time of the year! I also like the coming crispness in the air, it feels like caribou hunting to me.

    Alaska has so much to offer and the Bush is simply the best of Alaska!

    Keep up the great post!

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    Default Good job

    Not sappy a bit. I liked what you wrote because of the picture it made. Yes, fall is special, and not just because we hunt.
    How many of us have special places that carry a special smell, or scent? We go duck hunting at a lake that has a special smell. As I turn off the main river and head up the channel to the lake, I start drawing in deep breaths, just waiting for that first special smell. It always puts a smile on my face. Funny thing is no matter how hard I try, the dog always seems to smell it before I do. Maybe that is because he stands up in the bow.

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    Where else can you look out your window and see something like that?
    Not many places left in this world of ours....
    Live life to the fullest while you have it


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