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Thread: Need Hunting partner. I have a plane.

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    Default Need Hunting partner. I have a plane.

    My hunting partner is in the hospital recovering from appendicitis. Thankfully, it happened before we left and not on the mountain. So.... I have two week of leave (until Sept 20) and no hunting partner. We were to hunt from a mountain strip on private land but he has to be there for access. My plane is a 180hp Superpacer on 26" tires. I'm open to suggestions / ideas if anyone is interested.

    Mike Jones
    Eagle River

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    Default Sheep, Goat, or bear?

    What you hunting there Mike? & Describe your qualities, & shortcomings, please...

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    Another pertinent question would be how long have you had your plane, and how many hours a year do you least from my perspective.

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    Default Thanks for the replies

    Thanks for the interest and PMs. Another Forum member and myself were in the same situation about having partners cancel. Looks like he and I will be able to work something out.



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