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Thread: Winchester Bl. Silvertip vs. Accubond

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    Default Winchester Bl. Silvertip vs. Accubond

    Been shooting the Accubond 180 gr. in 30.-06. Sighted at 3.5 high at 100 yards. Last time out at the range I was shooting at 100, 200, and 300 yards. Everything good at 100 and 300 yards(aiming a foot high), but could not get anything together at 200 yards. Assuming I'm just crazy, but will be going back and shooting them again to try and work it out. Bought a box of the Balistic Silvertips in 180 gr.(all i could find in 180). Will be using these rounds for sheep/goat, any opinions on which would perform better on these animals at a longer range.(200-300 yards) Have the time to shoot with one or the other and make adjustments, just wondering what anyone else would go with.

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    Both the Accubond and the Ballistic Silvertip should do the job out to 300 on that game, given '06 velocities. Use whichever shoots better in your rifle.

    Or, if you think the Accubond might hold together better if called upon to do point-blank, heavy-bone-penetrating bear defense duty, go with that one. That's why I handloaded Kodiak 180-grainers for my '06...


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