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Thread: McKinley Village Put-In to Nenana River: Doyon Applying to Vacate DOT Right of Way

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    Default McKinley Village Put-In to Nenana River: Doyon Applying to Vacate DOT Right of Way

    Hi folks,

    Doyon has applied for DOT to vacate the right-of-way at McKinley Village, the roughly 100 by 150 foot rectangle to the west of the river warning sign. This is the area where most people park shuttle vehicles.

    If they successfully acquire the right of way, it will severely hamper the ability to park at the McVillage river access, affecting access to the river. This is a battle that has been fought and won before, and we need to do it again. This is public land, and we need to keep public access to it.

    They appear to be using a right-of-way vacation mechanism that calls for little public involvement. This is just not acceptable. Access to the Nenana River is an important public resource that we must protect. Otherwise over time our access to the river will be whittled away to almost nothing. So it is important to let DOT know that the public is very interested in this right of way.

    The application was submitted in April, but hasnít gone anywhere yet. In the next week or so it is likely to go to DOTís internal review process, and then a limited form of public notice will go out, starting with an ad in the paper.

    Iíll have more information soon. But I urge you to contact Pete Egan at DOTís right of way office in Fairbanks.

    Emails are best at this point: For now, a short email expressing your interest in the issue and opposition to it is sufficient. Be sure to request to be notified of the progress of the application. Include any other details you want, but long tomes are not yet needed.

    If you prefer, letters should be sent to:

    Department of Transportation and Public Facilities
    Right of Way Section
    Attn: Pete Eagan
    2301 Peger Road
    Fairbanks, Alaska 99709-5399

    If anyone had any specific details, please send them either to me or to the list in reply to this email. Hopefully Iíll have more details soon. Also, if you see any public notice in any newspapers, please email with the details.


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    thanks don, that's a great place to put in for a day float.

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