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Thread: Hard Bow Cases

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    Default Hard Bow Cases

    Sorry if this has already been discussed I'm in hurry I will try searching the forums later if that is the case, but if not...
    I'm looking for an affordable, hard, compound bow case that will protect my bow on roadtrips and flights. I don't shoot with sights so I don't know if that makes a difference or not as far as case sizing or anything. Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks in advance

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    Are you looking for a single or a double...

    Go with the SKB.. The best case there is. ...

    I have a single I'm selling
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    I have tried three different types and NONE of them held up to flying down states. I now have an SKB double and it's awesome. We had 2 bows, 16 arrows, releases, etc and everything came out great.


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