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Thread: Care to guess B&C's

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    Default Care to guess B&C's

    What do you think? ####'s
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    Heck, I can't even guess what I'm looking at...make the pic bigger.

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    Question He's a shooter!

    Quote Originally Posted by dallsheep View Post
    What do you think? ####'s

    From looking at the little pic, I'd guess around 210-215. Pretty hazy and not much for detail. If you can, enlarge it or put up a better pic.

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    Talking Ears

    That looks like the ears of my friend Bruce. lol

    30 points!


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    Default gps coordinates please!

    How about an exact location? I can score the moose much better with 100 yards and then give you exact on the ground!

    Darn nice moose!

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    Smile Photo???

    Darn fuzzy pic! I am guessing itís a moose but it could be Dick Chaney from this angle. Can you provide any other photos or size?

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    Default tough picture to see, but....

    if I had a guess, somewhere around 215. The tops look rounded off. I would surely put it on the ground without hesistation! Hope you post a picture of it with your rifle!

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    8x10 for brows, and i took a 216 before and looked nothing like this, width of paddles is over 16 for sure maybe close to 18 but the big thing too for b&c points is the legnth of palm, wow don't even have a guess for that or overall width. 65to68???

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    Default width of palms???

    Probably a solid 20". The length of the palms will get you some score there. Guessing around 43". Hell of a moose anyways! Hope you get him!

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    Was that taken BRWNBR style, through a spotting scope? I can make out antlers and that's it.


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    Default What is it?

    Is that Hillary showing cleavage again?

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    Bruce, Dick Chaney, Hillary?

    Thanks, I really needed a laugh today.


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