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Thread: seward halibut next weekend?

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    Default seward halibut next weekend?

    I was thinking of going with Aurora charters. Or can anyone vouch that crackerjack or another charter would be a better option. thanks

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    go with the Crackerjack,Profish, or the Pursuit. They are all running through the 15th of Sept. and all of them will still "go for the big ones"


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    My dad in law and I just went out of Seward but didn't do too good. We went to Montague and there were 14 of us fishing on the boat. The biggest ones caught were about 25 lbs. Each of us kept 2 and threw back an average of 5. We sat on one spot for about 3 hours trying to catch "the big one" but nobody got a single bite.

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    Big seas for outside Resurrection Bay this weekend.


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