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Thread: Got back from the haul road (9/2 to 9/5, 2007)

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    Default Got back from the haul road (9/2 to 9/5, 2007)

    I was fishing rather than hunting, but I talked to some hunters and kept an eye out for animals. I saw a couple groups of about 20 caribou on the slope and a few groups of about 5, then probably about 30 singles scattered across the coastal plain. The only one I could tell was a bull (some were too far off) fell over dead about 15 seconds after I spotted it, and two bowhunters came out from the shadow of the pipeline behind it. I also saw a couple trucks with fresh antlers in the back, but all the hunters I actually talked to were disappointed with the action: not enough caribou, too many hunters. I saw a couple groups of bowhunters stalking flocks of birds instead.

    The fishing was so-so for grayling and there was no sign of char in the Sag, but the scenery was amazing. It was the first time I've driven all the way through autumn -- just starting here in Fairbanks, already finished in Deadhorse, and peaking near Coldfoot. The other wildlife was neat: lots of dall sheep around Galbraith Lake and a couple herds of musk oxen on the plain.
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    Thanks for the update.I have a friend taking his horses to Galbreth Lake to hunt Sheep and Caribou,and was invited,now Im thinking I should take off right now Daniel


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