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Thread: Nelchina caribou?

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    Default Nelchina caribou?

    Hey where are the nelchina caribou reports? Last I heard was that they were still back in the alphabets. Any other reports out there...

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    I took one for my sister on Sunday about 2.5 miles north of the highway just past Brushkana Creek. I also hunted Saturday back near Seattle Creek and saw about 10 animals. Mostly cows, though the one I took was a small bull and I heard of someone seeing 3 large-bodied bulls. From what I understand, they're pretty evenly spread throughout the entire unit.

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    Default Spread out

    Seen a few from where Brian mentioned down to and including Butte Creek off the Su Trail. Seems like weather is keeping em' high still and no real Eastward movement from all I've heard.

    You've heard the Alphabets, eh, as in via Swede Lake or Dickey Lake trails? Any first hand accounts or just rumors? I had heard nothing on that end, but that was going into last weekend. Normally we hunt a lot over there.-


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    There are more in the flats of the middle and west forks of the Big Su, above the bridge, than there has been for several years. Lot of big bull moose in there now too. The antler restrictions are paying off the dividends. You can't go wrong with either moose or caribou in there.

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    bwake, source says they are still good ways from trail systems and not moving much from what he could tell from the air...

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    Default Caribou

    I was up on the Denali HY AT Osar Lake Sat . Saw 9 big big bull on the back side of the lake . and no permit this year

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    We have just returned from the Clear Water creek area. Not many people but then the rain was coming down real good. So far this year, the crew that we hunt with, we have taken two moose and six caribou. While we have not seen the larger numbers of caribou, we have seen 20-50 everytime we have been there. We have not seen a lot of griz tracks in the trails but we have seen a lot of wolf sign. The last time we were there we saw a larger black wolf working the north side of round mountain.
    The caribou that we got yesterday had two to four inches of fat all over. His meat was marbled as well.
    I would suspect that the animals will start moving now with the cooler temps up there. I wish that I had a few more days to go back up an junt some more.


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