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    Can anyone tell me how difficult it is to rebuild a berkely 12JG pump. I have never done it and would like to do a full rebuild this fall. Any help would be appreciated. Is it a 3-4 hour job or a 3-4 day job.
    It is an inboard with a 351 engine. Thanks

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    I did a partial rebuild of my 12JC (very similar to yours) this Spring and it was pretty simple. I didn't want to remove the entire pump from the boat, so I replaced everything that could be accessed with the pump in place. This included a new wear ring, impeller, bowl bearings, bowl seals and a few gaskets and bushings. It took me about 4 hours, but would have been a two hour job if I had all of the right tools. You've probably already checked out, but if you haven't, they have a pretty good overhaul repair manual that you can download and they sell all of the replacement parts and special tools. The impeller puller is a must if your impeller is aluminum. I couldn't believe how tight the impeller was frozen to the shaft. I was extremely pleased with the results of the rebuild. My boat (Hewescraft River Runner with 4.3 liter V6) gained 8 mph at wide open throttle with a 300 rpm reduction. Fuel efficiency increased dramatically. Eventually, I'll have to pull the entire pump and do a complete rebuild. I'm guessing that would be at least a 6 to 8 hour job.

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    Thanks for the help. If I understand correctly I should be able to replace everything except the front bearing and the packing with the pump still in the boat.
    I am not sure that the pump even needs rebuilt but would like to do it anyway. It has 273 hours on it and a few minor dings in the impellor. I know that it has never been opened up and I like the insurance of a fresh pump.


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