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Thread: Looking for snow machine riding group

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    Default Looking for snow machine riding group

    Hey everyone I am looking for a local riding group in the Fairbanks/FT Wainwright area. I am new to the area and would like to do a lot of riding, but without knowing all there is to know about this area it is going to be hard. So looking for a group/club to join, meet people and ride. Any information that anyone can pass on would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Greg

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    Check this one out.

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    There's also Fairbanks Snow Travelers.

    I haven't actually gone on any of their rides, so don't know how they are. Does anyone know if the eielson group allows anyone to join, or do you have to be military?

    I'm looking also - for powder trips to Cantwell, Summit, etc.


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    Talking Snowmachine riding - Northern Lights Club

    I've rode with NLSC for about 5 yrs...anyone can join, and the club has several folks from FT WW, North Pole, and Fairbanks area who ride with them. Great group, have lots of get togethers and host several rides throughout the season for riders of all skill levels. I've been on several rides with my wife and son, and others with kids as young as 8 or 9 riding. There are always the young guys out burning up the trails, as well as the old folks (like me!) puttering along the trail and bringing up the rear. They won't leave you behind...that's the whole idea of riding together, so folks of all skill levels can enjoy the experience. Give 'em a'll enjoy it.


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