First off, I really enjoy this site.I am 51 and have read many books about Alaska. My favorite is from Ben east, The silence of the North.What I plan to do about a year from now, is load up my 4 wheel drive Ford ranger, hook up the trailer with my Yamaha 350 4x4 IRs and hit the road.I would like to here from people that may have had a run in with say, a moose,deer, possibly a bear, black, brown or whatever.I would be armed with a good digital camera, and plenty of food.I will not have the resources to stay in hotels ext.Can this be accomplished? A spinning reel would be on my list also.I am very familiar with cold weather, as I spent 20 years in Upstate NY.We had a stretch of cold weather when the temperature loitered at a blistering -25. Many frozen pipes I can tell you.If any of you members can relate to an adventure like this you can pm me.Thanks, Ken in Texas.