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Thread: Bases, Rings and Hammer Spur for BLR?

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    Default Bases, Rings and Hammer Spur for BLR?

    Hi all,

    I recently picked up a Leuopold VX-III 2.5-8 to put on a new Browning BLR in .325 WSM I purchased earlier in the summer. Both the rifle and the scope are stainless so I'd like the rings/bases to match, but the best I've found so far are silver rings and matte bases by Leupold. I've also had difficulty finding many other brands that make bases for the BLR.

    I've been looking around and I've had trouble deciding what types of rings and bases to mount the scope with. My main concern is having enough room to fit my thumb under the scope in order to draw the hammer back. Any suggestions?

    On a related topic, I have also looked for an offset hammer spur for the BLR but have been unable to find one. Any ideas on where I could find one that fits a new BLR? I was thinking about calling Browning but it's been hard to find the time to do so during the hours they're open, as there is very little "downtime" at work right now.

    Any information or advice you could provide would be greatly appreciated. I'm really excited about hunting with my new setup and the scope mounting/hammer issue has me a little worried...



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    On my alloy reciever BLRs I put Talley lightweight rings and base combos the ones that fit the BAR work nicely and with the lows you have ample room to engage the hammer I have that same scpope with those rings on several BLRs. I do not know if they make the Talleys in silver.


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