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Thread: Sheep and Goat Shape

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    Lightbulb Sheep and Goat Shape

    Just wondering what workout schedule throughout the year that people use to stay in shape for hunting? I try to swim, stairstepper, aerobic training, run, and most of all hike in the mountains here in Idaho. So, what do you do?

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    Ski every weekend all winter long, downhill and cross country as well as midweek excercise. I'll start my ski shape specific training here in October after hunting season is over. Squats, biking, plyometrics, lunges, etc. Then when spring hits it's biking, hiking for fun and training hikes working up the weight, continued weight training, squats, etc. Then sheep hunting, moose hunting... and so the cycle continues. It all just sort of runs into each other. A lifestyle thing.

    I decided to quit running this year. I just turned 47 and had menicus surgery last October. I healed up good but noticed last winter/spring after running I could defineatly feel it. Not bad but it was there. But I can still squat pretty heavy with no problems. So, I figured my knees only have so much life in them and I'd rather downhill ski and sheep hunt well in to my 70's than jog so no more running. Kind of miss it though. Running with my dog along the river in the summer and winter.
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    Default absolutely nothing and it........

    showed! Actually was in Africa hunting before sheep season. This was one of my laziest summers ever and it did affect me more mentally than physically. I didn't have a problem climbing, but my mind kept telling me that I was tired all the time. I still say sheep hunting is 80% mental, so if you are mentally prepared to do it, you will probably be successful. We got to where we needed to be, but just didn't have the extra "drive/desire" to put another 4 mile climb down, back up, and back down to get the sheep. I usually ride bike most of the summer. The best shape I was ever in was the summer I cut 54 truck loads of wood. I would cut and then carry it on the shoulder to load it. The mountains were "nothing" that year! Getting older now and a bit lazier. Will kick it in gear next year though as I hate not getting a sheep!

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    is a funny thing. I certainly helps one get over that next mountain or work out a little harder in the off-season. After hunting season I typically hit the gym 3+ days a week, lifting all muscle groups, but also doing 1 day of legs and 2+ days on the stair climber for 20-30 minutes. This at least keeps me from getting too out of shape before ramping up the training in May. Then I usually start hiking about 2-3 times/week, with a 1500+ foot elevation gain. A few times of this without a pack is nice and then I start adding weight to my pack. Before sheep season I'm up to 60 pounds or so, which is more than my hunting pack weight, but not as much as packing out a sheep. Some people prefer to put rocks in their pack, or water, then dump them at the top. I load all my gear in my pack, and then extra stuff like a shooting bag or extra heavy boot to get the weight I want, and then pack it back down. Packing weight back down the hill sure builds the quads up, which makes it much easier to pack a sheep out. Sometimes I see other mountain marathoners training for races, which is good motivation and company. In fact, I often see a 60 year old man that runs that mountain a time and a half every other day. He is a rock! Fortunately I have a pack on, so have a good excuse for not beating him up the mountain. I dread the day I see him gaining on me without my pack. . . . From what I've seen, I think the best training for sheep hunting is to train in the mountains. If that's not possible, climbing stairs in a skyscraper with a pack on might work too. No matter what, it doesn't seem like it's ever enough, but at least knowing you've tried gives you a mental edge. Sorry, that was a long post.

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    In the off season, I get hitting the cardio pretty hard..1 1/2 hours a day. When spring comes, I hike 2-3 times a week at the Butte and Hatcher Pass. Unfortunately , when summer arrives, I usually do everything but work out. Camping, shooting, fishing, spending time with the family. So for about 3 months before the season starts, I'm getting pretty out of shape. The one good thing I have going for me is Endurance and a strong mind/will power. I KNOW i will succeed. Last year, no training before the goat hunt on Kenai, but I still managed to make it up 5000 feet scouting for goats (wasn't successful, though). It may have taken me 4-5 hours to make it up, and not 2 hours like some of you, but I still made it up. I don't know if I was born with the "Don't quit" attitude, or if the Marine Corps instilled it in me, but, I don't use the word "Can't". Where there is a will, there is a way. If I was a swinging bachelor, I most definitely would spend more work out time, but with a family, they want their priority of spending time with me on the summer nights and weekends. Sorry, its and excuse though....


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