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Thread: Unit 23 boo report

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    Cool Unit 23 boo report

    Well for you guys who are not here yet the animals are! I talked to a Park Service Law Enforcement buddy yesterday and here is the report! The animals ar pouring in by the thousands into the drainages to the north of the Noatak River,. They checked camps in The Kuggorok, Nimmi and Kelly and all camps near the top end had animals. I have 2 groups out in those drainages now and one group has filled tags and are heading home happy. The daytime temps are high up near the mid 60ís and night temps are in the mid 40ís. Be careful with meat spoilage guys!

    We have lots of Law Enforcement up her right now and they will be here through the end of September. Keep your self on the right side of the law! Keep your meat on the bone and evidence of sex attached.

    I am getting pumped and will be heading into the Kobuk Drainage (Noorvik) next weekend and up into the lower Noatak week 3 so I will be looking for you guys out there! If you need equipment call me after 7pm as I am hopping busy right now or do the e-mail thing.

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    Thanks for the report Walt. I'll be there next Saturday.

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    Default evidence of sex??

    Hey walt, you keep mentioning evidence of sex but as I read the regs(no expert) unit 23 is an either sex unit and in that case evidence of sex is not required. What am I missing?

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    Default Early hunters returning Sept. 7th

    The first groups of hunters are returning to Kotz and the early guys look like they have found the hunting a little thin. I talked to a group of 6 hunters taking off on AA last night and they took 1 animal over the course of a 7-day drop hunt. The one they took was a Jr. quality bull about 3 years old. I am guessing here but the reason these guys came up bust is they came too early and did not hunt high enough in the Noatak to find bulls. A float hunt would also allow them to cover more country and up thier odds.

    I also dropped a group of my clients off with one of our transporters this morning and he had 2 nice stacks of racks (about 12 total) that were taken in the Nimmi and upper Kugurorok Rivers. If youíre looking at hunting early Sept. next year pull your map out and look at Finiak Lake and the Anisak River(Noatak National Park & Preserve). Both are excellent choices for early hunts and the quality of bulls that are taken up there are always big.

    Remember that planning is what makes a good hunt a great hunt. For you guysí looking at 08 it is time to begin the planning process. Ask lots of questions and pour over those maps. This is big country up here with so many wonderful opportunities.

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    Your best bet for Rafts, Canoes and Camp rentals
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