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    As a lower "48er", I'd love to hear some first hand experience or adventures from anyone in the 49th...or otherwise...on blackie hunting on POW.

    Quite simply, this hunt potentially fits my budget better than a non-res, guided brownie hunt...maybe by about $10 Gs.

    I have a lot of questions, but let's narrow it down to some real world issues:

    1.Is this something that an "outsider" can do unguided...with any chance of success? That is , roam around POW in a 4x4 and try to catch big bears in clear cuts etc?

    2.If the answer to #1 is "frawgetit", who would/do you recommend (if anyone) as a legit guide for POW? Here's my PED: if you prefer to PM me on this

    3.For a POW hunt. which would you prefer: a 7 STW or 375? I have both...just trying to get some feedback here

    4.Spring or Fall? Which would be your preference?

    5.Other thoughts/options/ideas?


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    Certainly doable as listed (log roads). Another option is to rent a boat.

    This thread should be in the hunting forums (IMO). Mods?


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