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Thread: Hunting parner needed.

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    Default Hunting parner needed.

    My hunting partner just cancelled on me (his wife hurt her foot).
    I am looking for a serious moose-hunting partner.

    If you live in the anchorage area, do not smoke, between the ages of 45 and 60. Know how to use a GPS, and read a map. Know how to hunt a moose in heavy brush, hunt with a rifle. (I am not anti-bow hunting. Where I hunt is heavy brush and it would be very easy to lose a moose. I would prefer you use a rifle and have a 4-whleer.

    The reason I want someone with these skills is, it would be very easy to get lost and I prefer to hunt alone so you will need to know how to hunt moose in brush.

    Camp will consist of a 10x12-wall tent, cots and a wood stove. I will carry in all the gear and the moose out. You will need the 4-wheeler for back up.

    The only reason I need a partner is to help skin, gut, and put the animal in my trailer. I am 66 and the last time I took a 50 bull by myself, I was 64, so I am not as young as I used to be. Come to think about it, I went in killed the bull and came out in 24 hours. I wonder, maybe I should I have taken an extra day to come out?

    I would like to go in now for 4-5 days to look around and check out camp, and go back in the 13 through 21.

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    Sent ya a pm...


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