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Thread: S&W 329 Titanium vs Stainless

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    Question S&W 329 Titanium vs Stainless

    Been looking at the 329 titanium model. How does its metal compare to a stainless. I notice it looks like the frame and inside barrel are made of different metals. Anyone know how they hold up, say if it was dropped on a rock or so? Typical alaskan abuse?

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    Default gun abuse

    Don't know for sure, never having dropped a pistol on a rock, but the alloy will get dinged up more easily then a stainless gun. The interior of the barrel is a stainless steel sleeve inside an alloy barrel shroud and the cylinder is Titanium. The frame is a mix of aluminum alloy and Scandium, a [relatively] rare metal. By the way, using extra heavy loads in this gun, outside SAAMI specs can lead to possible extraction problems. The Ti cylinder will "spring" out under the extra pressure allowing the case to expand more then usual, then the cylinder will return to normal specs, causing the cases to stick.
    I have no problem with a stainless gun's extra weight, as it absorbs some recoil. But, it seems PC in gun circles to have an excessively light gun for caliber. Somebody said once a gun carried for defense is comforting, not necessisarily comfortable.

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    I've thought of buying a scandium .44 simply because it's so wonderfully light, but I just *know* it would be punishing to shoot with defensive ammo. Don't quote me on this, but I heard that aluminum/scandium- framed firearms will fatigue much faster than a comparable stainless model. The figure I heard was that a model 329 will fail a factory spec after just 1,000 rounds... that doesn't make it unshootable, but it sounds very disappointing. I have no idea where I heard it from. I've heard that those scandiums are pretty tough, otherwise. I doubt the black finish would hold up well though.

    Personally, if I had the money I'd buy one of each: a stainless .44 that I'd shoot 90% of the time, and a scandium model that I'd shoot 10% of the time, yet carry more often.

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    Default Scandium .44

    I had thought about buying one for hiking & fishing, but I was told by a gun shop owner that they had nothing but trouble with them. Apparantly, there were a lot of mechanical issues, and every time they were sent back to S&W, they would come back with all sorts of tool marks on them. I heard of a guy who got his back with marks from the vise S&W put it in when when repairing it. This discouraged me from getting one. So far, I've been happy with my 629 Trail Boss, with a 3" barrel.

    I haven't heard anything else about other scandium guns, only these .44's. I was told this last summer, so things may have changed some.

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    Default 329

    Check this review out:

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    I own both.

    The 629 stays home because it is too heavy. A gun at home does no good when it is needed.

    The 329 is so light I carry it IWB and forget it is there.

    The 329 is a "Carry a lot - shoot a little" gun.

    The only problem I have had is with Corbon ammo and I had trouble not only with 44mag Corbons but also 357Sig Corbons. I threw that crap away and no more problems.

    Early on I recall the 329's cutting the topstraps but that was fixed and the 3-in barrels taken off the market.

    I love mine and will pick up a spare one when I get a good deal.


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