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Thread: DLP bear?? When can I shoot?

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    Default DLP bear?? When can I shoot?

    JUst how much in danger does one have to be to legally shoot a bear in self defense? Also, if a bear claims my kill(caribou) can I shoot it to defend my "property" or is it just his(hers) now and I'm just out of luck?
    Lets take this one step further. If I shoot a caribou and a bear claims it before I tag it am I just screwed or can I shoot a different caribou and tag that one?
    Sorry, being from Wisconsin this is a little foreign to me.

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    Default Good questions

    DLP is a questionable area, bottom line, you will be required to prove that it was DLP, so if you have a camera, take pictures afterwards to show the game warden. DLP isn't a bear that charges and stops 25yds from you, he has to be on top of you, sometimes they are just trying to figure you out. As far as your kill, no you can't shoot that bear unless you have a brown bear tag--beings that you are from wisconsin I am assuming that means you are a NR--which means you need a guide--and about 15k to hire one To your last question, if you shoot the animal, then a bear gets on him before you tag it, you have to punch your ticket, that is fate, if I am wrong, than check with BRWNBEAR and or Michael Strahan--both are guides and have the full gammit of info. Where are you hunting and when? I leave tomorrow for Anchorage, then the haul road.

    good luck


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    Default unit 23

    We will be hunting unit 23 Sept 10-18.

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    This is what ADF&G has to say about it at their site:


    You may kill a bear in defense of your life or property if you did not provoke an attack or cause a problem by negligently leaving human or pet food or garbage in a manner that attracts bears and if you have done everything else you can to protect your life and property (5 AAC 92.410).

    Property means your dwelling, means of travel, pets or livestock, fish drying racks, or other valuable property necessary for your livelihood or survival. While game meat is considered your property, you may not kill a bear to protect it unless the meat is critical for your survival. Even in this situation you still must do everything possible to protect the meat (i.e. proper storage, scaring the scavenger, etc. See Hunting safely in bear country) before you may kill the bear.

    If you have to shoot a bear, be sure you shoot to kill - wounded bears are potentially more dangerous than healthy bears. Also be very careful of what lies beyond your intended target - stray bullets can travel over a mile and still be deadly.

    Bears killed in defense of life or property belong to the state. If you kill a bear you must remove the hide. If it is a brown bear you must also salvage the skull. You must give both the hide, with claws attached, and the skull to ADF&G. You must also notify your local ADF&G Wildlife Conservation office or Alaska State Troopers Bureau of Wildlife enforcement immediately. You are required to fill out and submit a questionnaire concerning the circumstances within 15 days.

    There's more info if you cruise around their site. Since they and the enforcement folks are the ones you will be talking to in the aftermath, it makes sense to brush up on the standards they will be working with.

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    everyones pretty much spot on in my opinion.
    Master guide 212

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    Default thanks

    Thanks that seems to make it pretty clear.

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    They will investigate...

    But, if you know when you're in danger, you'll be fine... unless you miss.

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    Been there, done that. If you have time to think about if you should shoot, you should not pull the trigger.
    No, you cannot shoot a bear if it takes your game.
    Also, you only have to have a guide if you are non-resident if you are hunting the big bears or mountain game.
    Now just why in the hell do I have to press "1" for English???


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