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Thread: New to hunting.... all hunting

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    Default New to hunting.... all hunting

    Well Ill probably get flammed from this but I come from a family of people who choose to fish mainly... not hunt. That being said I want to change that.... I love the adventure and the environment of the hunting world and I would like to start learning now and go on my first hunt in a couple of years. Black bears out of PWS would be my main focus... saw 2 hanging gutted from a boat and just wowed me.... amazing meat, amazing animals... would like to learn how to stalk them.

    If anyone has any tutorials, advice, lessons Etc I would appreciate them- Some of the ones I really need are skinning/butchering... but I plan on picking up some books soon

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    Default Reading is good

    Reading is a good start. Read every book you can on the subject and gleam what you need for your situation. Taking a Hunter Certification course would be a good second place to start. Many of the students bring a parent along. Might be a good way to help nudge one of yours in the direction you want.

    This web site has quite a few books for sale too.

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    thanks dave, ill take my coast guard coarse one year and the hunting course the next

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    Larry Bartlett at Pristine Ventures has a field taxidermy video out that's really good for someone in your position, never having done it before. Its also good for the rest of us, even if we have done a few. This site also has a number of books and videos for sale that would help.

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    A couple of videos related to the subject that I HAVEN'T seen but REALLY want too:
    *Phantoms of the Forest
    *Chris Batin's Skinning and Field Care of Bears
    *Bartlett's Wilderness Taxidermy-Marc Taylor carries this locally (Wiggy's) but he's out last time I checked, I hear this one is great.

    The latter two are also available at Title Wave if you don't want to wait for them to ship.

    Here's the link to the AOD store's hunting videos:

    I don't know of any specific books relatated to Black Bear hunting; Chris Batin's Hunting in Alaska book has a chapter on it but that's it.



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