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Thread: float trip for moose hunting

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    Default float trip for moose hunting

    I am looking at setting up a drop off moose float trip for 2008 for 3 or 4 people. It would be out first float moose trip. The Bettles area has been recommended to me, but I don't know where to start.

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    Default moose float

    As you can tell already there are lots of things that you need to look at just to get started on planning a float hunt. You are doing it right so far, getting this much of a head start. PM me and I will give you some names, numbers and ideas that we used on our float hunt this year. Good luck

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    Default Float Hunting Advice

    Hello Jeff,

    I would be happy to help you get started. I do hunt consultation for hire, but I also provide a lot of information for free if you just need to get started. Drop me a PM and let's talk. I've been teaching float hunters for fifteen years here in Alaska.

    That said, I would also suggest looking through the archives here on Outdoors Directory; there is a wealth of information here.

    You're already off to a great start by planning your '08 hunt now. I would suggest making your air charter reservations just after the first of the year- if you wait too long all the good ones may be booked up.

    Best regards,

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    Default Moose hunt

    You can't go wrong with Mike Strahan (even though I have not used his services).

    I will also offer information but I'm not available until after Oct 10 (too much hunting to do including a moose hunt in Alaska). Send me (via e-mail) your phone number and I will call (I have a digital phone with no long distance fees).

    Last, don't scrimp. Alaska is a wonderful place but it's very unforgiving. On my first float trip, we shared coffee with a group of 4 non-resident hunters. They were miserable - cold, wet, tired, and all they could do was talk about getting to the take-out. Don't join them.


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    Not sure where your from, or familiar with. I have floated the Wood river lots of times and I love it. In fact I did not even know about September 11th until about the 18th or 19th. The top is a little fast, then the middle braids out, and the bottom is slow and it drops you out in Nenena. It cost us $600 from wrights air (out of Fairbanks with two hunters) one way and we got a total of 800lbs. (note that in recent years they have changed this to a drawing) but if you do not get drawn you can still shoot spike/50 it is great adventure.
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    Default Kannas Air Strip Busy Busy

    Kirk information is good however it seems a little crowded the past three years depending on your choice of dates to hunt. I might considered it a back up plan but after speaking with Mike you might find more viable options with significantly less traffic adn similar prodcution. If you choose Beaver or Birch expect company as well. All three rivers offer a great float hunt you just have to ask your-self what expense would you consider reasonable, and what your looking for on a wilderness float hunt. Last year Wright Air alone dropped 16 boats on the strip over a 25 day period. This years numbers have been simlar to date. Starting August 29th through today 4 different hunting groups with 5 boats that I know of have hunted the area.

    Just food for thought Best Wishes and Happy Hunting



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