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Thread: need help with jet boat repair in anchorage area

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    Default need help with jet boat repair in anchorage area

    I am the proud owner of a jetcraft extreme shallow. I've done a fair amount of damage to the boat this summer, though. I bent the steel keel plate pretty severely. It doesn't leak, but it needs to be taken off and straightened out in a press and the hull needs to have quite a few dents pounded out and cleaned up. I also need a new shift/throttle controll cable instaslled and someone to weld one of the alumunum tubes holding up the swim platform back on. Anybody know a good repair shop in anchorage? I want the hull to look as new as possible.

    PS we did have some phenomenal fishing for rainbows, though

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    redneck doctor I can weld the boat 9/4/2007 am need to know the damage and a picture would be great. are you here in anch?

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    I am here in Anchorage. I would like to find a place to do everything in one stop, because my insurancee should pick up the tab. I may also call my insurance and ask them if I can pay for everyting myslef, and have them reimburse me later. The welding is the easiest fix and should take no more than 15 minutes, prep time included.

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    We'd like a shot at helping you out. If you're willing/interested, give me a call at 250-1235 Thanks, Chris


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