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    I am putting the boat in at the Yukon River bridge the morning of the 14th. Taking extra fuel, food, sattelite phone, etc. We have plenty of good gear. Once we are in the area it should be prime time in the land of big moose. My wife and young strong son-in-law are going with me and we are sleeping on the boat. We also are bringing a Zodiac and kicker. I am a pretty fair moose caller and have hunted them for many years. This will be a new area for me. The plan is to look for tracks on the bank, park or rear wher we can see for a ways and do some calling. I do not plan on walking around in the bush looking for moose. The wife and kids bought me the new Leica Rangefinder. Cute litte thing that seems to work. We will be about 150 miles up the Koyukuk. I have the trophy tag. The plan is to hunt the first 5 days for the "big one" and then shoot a "subsistance bull"? If I have not found the "big one" by then I will have a few more days left to look for him. If you have hunted there and want to share any info I would appreciate it.

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    I am leaving tomorrow am for KCUA via Galena. My plan is to fly back on the 15th but in case I finish my hunt earlier w/ 65"+ bull, I will get back with you and get you fresh intel report.




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