Camped at the Homer Fishing Hole from Wednesday to Sunday and targeted silvers from the shoreline.

Catching was spotty, but my friend and I managed to land our limits most days. Timing was the key to our success.

While we were there, the tide was dropping in the morning and coming in during the early evening. The ebb tides were productive during the low-light period, but the flood tides were absolutely red hot.

It was fast and furious as schools containing hundreds of fresh, aggressive coho would swarm into the lagoon with the rising water. Fish were hooked on Vibrax spinners, herring, roe and the infamous Russian bobber technique. Lots of fun watching tourists and kids reeling in their first salmon.

Quite a few small fish landed, but from what I understand the run is just starting to heat up. More of the larger silvers are showing up daily as the overall numbers continue to increase.

Go get 'em. There are plenty of fish available.