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Thread: Holy WOW!!!!!

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    Default Holy WOW!!!!!

    Well my first Moose Hunt could have gone better. I started scouting for places to hunt a couple months ago, but when I got out there Friday night the place looked like a Wal-mart parking lot. And on top of that, I get the sneaky suspision that, I don't know the first thing about hunting moose. I was hunting them the same way that I do white tail deer. Someone tell me if that is just completely wrong. I would love it if somebody....anybody....would give me a couple of helpful hints. Thanks in advance.
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    This recent thread might help.
    Good luck!!!!
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    Default just my thoughts

    Ok, if it looked like the walmart parking lot, you are hunting to close to land that other people can access, which may be your only option, but if you are smart, save the money, and pay to be flown out into the bush--in an area that is only for 2 legged access, and you will be amazed at the number of animals that you will see--and the lack of people you will see!! If you don't have the money, then maybe change the time that you hunt, if your work schedule will allow--middle of the week, when everyone else is at work. With the exception of calling--I don't see any resemblence to deer hunting--maybe in the scouting, but you won't to get high and use your spotting scope/binocs to do the work for you, now maybe the area that you are in won't allow that, but to me that is more fun--because you will see a lot more wildlife, Good luck

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    Default moose sized whitetails

    If I hadn't been up on a hill watching the whole comedy last weekend, I wouldn't have believed how many whitetail genes a moose possesses.
    My buddy shoots the sharp stick; he went into the thick stuff after two feeding bulls. They had bedded down by the time he got close. He actually circled the willow patch at less than 10 yards. I finally got him into the patch; he lazered the big bull at 21 yards. He thought it was dead, the miise was laying with head on the ground with eyes wide open. He figured out that he was alive so he drew. A 30 second wait and the moose stood up. No, he blew up and out. No shot. Ran out 75 yards and stopped. Took a long look and trotted away. Bowhunter crashes out of willow patch to area where he can see a bit but moose had circled and was out of view. Then the moose trotted off. No hurry, he stopped a couple times. Partner spent the next 10 minutes trying to figure out my signals that another bull was still in that same patch of willows. I got him to circle around tp the patch again. It wasn't until he hiked uphill to a little knob that the bull stood up and looked at him. He had spent 20 minutes laying there after his buddy had busted out with my partner circling around never more than 50 yards away.
    Then they played tag for an hour or more. Never more than 60-70 yards apart and many times much closer. The moose always knew where the hunter was; seldom did the hunter know where the moose had circled. Only my signalling kept the contest going. That moose twice laid down; he clearly didn't want to leave. But he finally tired of the game and snuck off.
    I've been hunting moose since 1984 and I've been in on probably 50 kills. The last two years I've shot bulls at 15 and 40 yards but I wouldn't have beleived this story if I hadn't watched it.


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