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Thread: Little Delta River/DM 772

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    Default Little Delta River/DM 772

    I got a any bull tag for the DM772 area. I am looking for any information on the Little Delta River. Any tips on boat size to use up there on this river? I am looking to see if my small boat and jet will be sufficient to run this water. Skinny? big water? which channels to run? Any help would do great.

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    You basically have only a 12.5 mile stretch of land that is between little Delta Creek and Little Delta River. 189 other people drew the same Tag, 130 people are holding registration Cow tags, not to mention the locals that are doing a general hunt. those with Jet boats will all be hunting the same area, those with Air Boats will go further. You can Google Earth and get a read of the water. Fish and Game out of delta said the Bridge over the Tanana is the Main launch point. That is Roughly 20 Plus miles from there to Little Delta River. Get ready for lots and lots and lots of Company. Good Luck

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    I havent been up there this year so I dont know for sure about water depth. I do know that there usually isnt enoough water there for a jet boat. The run up river from the tannana bridge is a long one, through some nasty spots, its really braided too. Id recommend launching at shaw creek. Its alot closer. but your still in for a long run. You have to know where your going. Not to mention, like it has been said before. Your going to have Lots of company.

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    Default Delta

    Well you can figure at least 50% of the permit hunters wont even hunt. The other 50% will be 40% looking from the river and the other 10% will actualy be hunting!! Have a great trip!!

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    Default little delta

    You will not get a boat up the Little delta this year unless it has wings. I garantee it. The river is log jamed beyond belief.
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    So with the little Delta choked out with logs, that will further concentrate the crowds.

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    Think that it is safe to say that those with boats and who are hunting DM772 will be along the South bank of the Tanana between Little Delta Creek and Little Delta River. Even the Air Boaters if they can not get through the Log jams. I'll be there in 4 days with my Armada to add to the fun. be safe and happy hunting.

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    Default Air Boat

    I was just on the Little Delta on Monday and you can get about 1.5 miles up with an air boat until you run into the log jam. It would take a case of TNT to get the jam cleared up. There is no way at all to get a jet boat in there. No hunters on the SE side but lots on the SW side with 4-wheelers. Flying in is about the only way you can get far enough upstream to get away from others.

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    Default Flights?

    Anyone know a good small plane company who will fly in there? 2 people + gear?

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