I have been lying around lickin' my wounds reading many responses to my recent debacle. Thanks so much to all of you for the kind and encouraging words. It is also good to see many of you back again offering sound advice and leading from the front. All this makes me thing I'm suckin' in sea water, sitting here feeling sorry for my self. Enough of this.

Also some of you have penned concerns and offered that you may be under suspicion. Let me say this; if any of those of you who regularly read what I write were under the gun, I'm pretty sure you would have been notified by now. And if that were the case you would be much more concerned about me finding you actual address, than your IP address. Fear not, we're all among friends here.

Thanks again for all the comments and encouragement, my PM box has run over twice. This is a good feeling to know this little e-community is a good place to be. Keep up the good work, may we all prosper in knowledge.