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Thread: Thumbhole stocks

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    Default Thumbhole stocks

    I'm going to replace the plastic stock on my M77mkII with a laminate, and was trying to decide what to get. I have the option of a thumbhole or sporter stock. I've never shot a thumbhole before, but I'm guessing from the lines on it that it's great on a bench.

    But is it any good in the field? Will it shoulder as quickly and naturally as a a sporter?

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    Default Thumbhole stocks, my take...

    They're great on a semi-auto. If you need a really fast follow up shot with a thumbhole stock on a bolt, well, the traditional grip is much better for that.
    As to being okay off the bench, they do as well as a lot of other things, mostly, though, the comb is quite a bit higher, as well as the heel of the stock so perceived recoil is somewhat diminished.
    I had one on a heavy 26" barreled .257 Roberts, a laminate, and it did okay, but I didn't see that it was enough better than a traditional grip to bother with.
    ONE THING! The comb can be high enough on these to interfere with bolt travel, so if you elect to go this route, be sure and adjust the height to give free movement and allow full rearward bolt travel.

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    I have several thumb hold stocks, and I really like having them. I use them for hunting as well as on the bench. With the design of a thumbhole stock it allows you to hold the rifle tighter to your shoulder, witch allows you to have better control of the rifle. There is also another alternative for you there is a dual purpose stock made that gives you both options. The stock has a thumbhole and also enough wood taken off at the grip to allows you to hold like a regular stock. Might be something to think about as well. Here is a link to a company that makes it.


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    I LOVE mine, but would not own one on a big game rifle. It is easier for me to shoot accurately, but as was stated does not lend itself to easy follow-up shots. Another thing is that the safety is not easy to reach. I end up using my index (trigger) finger. Rimfire small game, varmits with the 220 swift, or muzzleloader they are my favorite stock option bar none.
    You know you aren't really having fun until you ask yourself -how much is this going to cost me?


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