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Thread: Kenai and cooper lake

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    Default Kenai and cooper lake

    Has anyone put there jetboat in either of these lake and if so what hazards should I be aware of ..

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    Default No Problems

    Cooper Lake is an easy gravel beach launch. It is a bit of long ride down the Snug Harbor Road (gravel) to get there. There are two entrances to the beach/launch area. There is plenty of room to turn around at the beach. The easier one is at the far end (i.e. the second access road).

    You can launch & park for free into Kenai Lake at Primrose Campground. There is a good concrete ramp. Kenai Lake can get rough chop.........

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    Default Speaking of Cooper lake...

    Is it worth the drive to fish there? I bet it's pretty. Never been down Snug Harbor road.

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    Default also speaking of cooper lake

    how is it for duck hunting, heard it is decent for black bears

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    Smile fish

    I am going to do a little fishing for rainbows and dollies.. Thanks for the info..

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    Cooper Lake: There is a nasty rock just under the water along the northern shore that might be a problem for even a jet boat at low water. Stay a hundred yards off the shore and you'll be fine as far as I can tell. (from half a dozen trips around that lake) Can't say about fishing other than I've caught a few small trout near the mouth of the streams, I've seen ducks there, but not enough to make it worth the trip, it is a very beautiful area though.
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