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Thread: new to traditional archery

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    Default new to traditional archery

    Hi, this is probably a dumb question but I have recently gone old school and have a question regarding wooden arrows. I have a dozen nicely made arrows that all have field tips. Is there a safe and effective solvent that can be used to loosen the field tips from the arrow so I can replace the existing tips with broadheads? Thanks for the help.

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    Default Depends

    on what the field tips were put on with. If it is hot melt you might be able to lightly heat them and get them off. If epoxy was used, I don't know anything that will take them off without ruining the arrow.

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    Barko is right.
    Most trad guys use a simple hotmelt glue. Simply use a propane torch (or alcahom burner or gas range burner) to slowly heat the point. Hold the point over the flame & rotate it while holding the arrow in one hand with a pair of pliers in the other hand. After a few seconds grab the metal tip with the pliers & try & rotate & remove it. If that doesn't work give it a few more seconds & try again.

    Here's a You-tube video from 3 Rivers Archery (one of the best sources for trad gear) that explains a lot about wood arrow building including attaching broadhesds (& will give you the idea on how to remove them).
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    Default melt glue

    Most hot melt can even be melted with a cigerette lighter which is what I use a lot, also with a alcohol burner at my shop. Be careful of over heating your heads with kitchen propane or propane torch. You can change the temper on edge pretty quick.

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    you can heat the tip up and still get the epoxy glued on heads off. Dont over heat them. The problem is, that point starts heating up fast. Pull it off the heat perodically and it'll popp off, no harm no fowl to the shaft.

    That video is ok. I will tell you this. taper your tip points properly, and you wont have one wobble unless the shaft end itself has a wobble, then your taper will be ground slightly off. Do it right and they'll spin as good as any modern day carbon or aluminum!!!

    The process of doing it right is harder to explain then it is to do. it does take some fine tuning which can grind an arrow shaft or three to get it right. So to keep from overloading your brain by trying to teach something I can hardly type. Start with a disc sander, use the edge, and you'll get it right eventually. Be PAITENT!!!


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