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Thread: .308 Marlin express...... improved?

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    Default .308 Marlin express...... improved?

    From what I can gather from the published ballistics on the new .308 Marlin express, it seems to lag behind the .308 win by @ 150 - 200 FPS
    in velocity. What do you suppose would happen if this new cartridge were improved?

    Any ideas......or hypothesis on the subject?


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    I suppose that would help things a bit in the velocity dept. Not sure how much powder capacity would be gained but it seems that 150-200 fps. is a best case scenario to be expected with cartridges that have tapered bodies and sloping shoulders.

    If I recall, two of the biggest increases P.O. Ackley got (and two of his favorites, if you read his handbook for shooters and reloaders) were with the .250 Savage and the .257 Roberts. I know the improved versions of the .300 and .375 H&H magnums are pretty much identical to the .300 and .375 Weatherbys, which is quite an increase indeed!

    I kinda wish the .307 and .356 Win. were still around...especially in Win. 94's,


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    I'd sure study the powders being used by the standards, along with those of slightly slower versions. In my experience with a number of improved rounds, things go best if the conversion allows you to use more of a slower burning powder than the standard version. With so many more powders available now than in PO's hayday, I'd be optimistic both about this one and about some of his versions that never shone with the old powders.

    By the same token, ballistics look very much like those of the 300 Savage, and to me that is by no means a criticism. The 300 is a heck of a capable round that lost out to the 308 while there was never anything comparable to either round in the Marlin. If you're a Marlin lover, this is the chance to upgrade your favorite action to a really meaningful 30 caliber cartridge.

    I've used the 300 Savage a lot and always been impressed. I'm a lover of Savage 99's, but I'm also a lover of Marlins. Kinda nice to contemplate being able to approach Savage performance once again in a new off-the-shelf rifle rather than with a (now) collector's piece.


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