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    Default Campbell creek

    Im imagining the silver run is pretty much as bad as anywhere else in southcenteral but hows it going down there? Oh and is it possible to raft ( with a walmart inflatable) From the park to the peanut farm?


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    I wouldn't waste your time. I fished it friday morning from the fork to Lake Ottis and only caught one. I only seen around 2 dozen and most of them were very blushed already. This is the worst I've seen it.....

    As far as rafting..... I think the water might be too low for the upper part of the river. I've seen guys in canoes down stream of Dowling rd.

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    Default It is just time before the whole run is wiped out

    From kings, reds to silvers to many retards are down there all summer snagging and tromping through the spawning grounds. I seen one king killed just for the eggs. Another in a white trash bag the guy was carrying. And another car loading black trash bags into the car. There was adults this summer snagging with their kids, yes on that occasion I cussed them all out. The father seemed to think it was legal to use a huge pixie with a treble hook to catch "rainbows". You could tell he was snagging the kings, "they accidently ran into it while I was fishing for the 'bows" he said. Now the same with the silvers. The troopers where there a few times from what I saw first hands. I called in everytime I seen something very obvious. I was chased down the trail by that psyco teaching his kids how to illegally fish. I have seen this every year now for the last 4 years. If the runs return every 4-5 years I think it is right on track. I see less fish every year. Might be bad runs or maybe it is from all the illegal activity and the retards messing with the fish and spawning grounds. Just my opinion. And that was putting it politely.

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    Keep up the work with reporting people who are violating teh F&G laws. I have seen it pretty bad down there too, I used to live right on the creek and would see the snaggers out often.

    But as far as a report, I walked the creek yesterday for a short section and didn't see one fish. I had fished about a week ago and saw only blushed fish, did see some old kings haning around.


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