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    Just bought my first raft, a 13 foot Tributary. Said it will hold just over 1300 lbs. I'm new to rafting, any pointers you can give a rookie would help. Planning on using it for some fishing trips and maybe a hunt or two.

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    Default Raft

    My first thought is that it's a little small for more than 1 on a hunting trip.

    My second is - practice, practice, practice. The middle of a long trip is no place to discover there is something about your raft you don't know.

    My third is - enjoy!!!!!

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    Thumbs up AIRE Tributary


    The 13-foot AIRE Tributary is a great first boat, depending on what you're planning to do with it. I know AIRE says it's rated for 1300 lbs, but as a practical matter I don't think you could (or even should) try to put that kind of a load in this boat. Now watch all the AIREheads out there jump me for saying something negative about their boat.... oh wait... that's ANOTHER brand. If you put that much weight in any 13-foot round boat, you'll usually run out of room unless it's dense stuff like moose meat and such. But with that much payload the boat is a pig to row. Keep it light, and you'll have a lot more fun with it.

    The Tributary has a pretty substantial bow and stern rise (see the section on "Kick" in the Float Hunting section of the Wiki on this website). This makes the boat great for whitewater, once you get to that point with your skills. But it also puts less boat in the water on flat water, resulting in less practical capacity (as you push the boat down with your load, water will come in through the bailer holes and flood your floor area).

    In my opinion this boat is too small for one passenger, a complete camp, and a moose. But you could probably get a caribou, sheep or bear in it without much trouble or performance reduction. This would also be a great overflow boat if you were moose hunting with a buddy who had a larger boat.

    It is a great fishing machine for two anglers.

    If you're local in the Anchorage area, you might give the upper Kenai a try before it gets too late in the year (summer is slipping away from us). Drop me a PM and I'll be happy to talk with you more about this.

    Happy floating!

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