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    Default Hawk bullets

    Was wondering if anyone has loaded the Hawk bullets and what was your opinion on them as well as on game performance, Thanks for any info.

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    For me they're very much like the original Barnes bullets. I love them for heavy bullet, moderate velocity loads. In loads less than about 2800 fps they really hold together while opening reliably, giving what is to me an ideal combo of expansion, weight retention and penetration. Drive them faster and shoot them at close targets so impact velocity rises, and they aren't nearly as good as a Nosler, for example. But because they come in such a range of sizes, styles (including flat nose for levers) and jacket thicknesses, you can fine tune bullets for specific uses. For example, I drive their 300 grain .429 flat nose to around 2300 fps in one wildcat, and no other company produces a bullet that will let me do that so effectively.

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    Default hawk bullets

    I shoot 358,375 Win and 348Win lever actions and would like to hear alot more feedback on Hawk bullets given the scarcity of bullets in above calibres. All shots would be 250yds or less and I like things to hold together as I hunt in bear rich country. Thanks!

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    Those rounds are in the ideal velocty range for Hawks. If you're worried about bear, specify the ones with the heavier jackets and never look back. I think you will be impressed with game performance, just as it's kinda nice to find bullet selections once again for favored old rounds.

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    Default hawk

    Thanks, I'll give them a try!


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